1. Not harming, not killing, neither physically nor mentally, any living being (ahimsa, non-violence)

2. Affirming the truth in thought, discourse and action (satya, truthfulness)

3. Not stealing; abstaining from theft (asteya, notstealing)

4. Discipline and organization of the various impulses and desires (brahmacharya, auto-discipline)

5. Not being greedy and not accepting unnecessary gifts or bribes from people with doubtful motives (aparigraha, not coveting)

6. Observing purity, both externally and internally, physically and mentally (shaucha, purity)

7. Cultivating the spirit of contentment. Not multiplying desires for material goods (santosha, contentment)

8. Preparing one self to bear to the environmental changes and reverses of fortune (tapas, training of self).

9. Studying the books of spiritual wisdom with devotion and ample critique (swadhyaya, study of the writings)

10. Always remembering God and submitting oneself to Divine Will (Ishwarapranidhana, love of God)