Yoga club “Marea” was established in August 2006 in Varna on the initiative of Daniel Petrov – Chairman of the Bulgarian Yoga Federation for the period 2001-2006.

The Club is duly registered in accordance with the legal act for non-profit organization with Decision No 6098/28.08.2006г of Varna Regional Court, with Rumyana Ilieva in her capacity of a Chairman.

The club is registered as a member of the Bulgarian Yoga Federation in the national register of licensed sport organizations and member sport clubs under No 1-029-015/13.10.2006.Yoga Club Marea has a license № 09/2007 issued by the Bulgarian Yoga Federation, and Rumyana Ilieva was a member of the Managing Board of the Federation from 2006 until 2008.

Since September 2006, the Club is organizing weekly yoga classes with main yoga instructor – Rumyana Ilieva, assistant instructor Tsvetomir Iliev and guest instructors from Bulgaria and abroad.

Rumyana Ilieva was guided in the world of yoga by Daniel Petrov – Chairman of Sports Club “Scorpio” – Sofia (, four-times champion of Bulgaria for the period 1997-2000, three times absolute champion of Bulgaria for 1997, 1998 and 2000, and gold medalist at the World Yoga Championship in Uruguay 1999.

Rumyana Ilieva and Tsvetomir Iliev hold Certificates for Yoga Instructor issued by Expert Rating, USA, with Senior Exercise Co-ordinators: Ms. Aradhana Kaushal, B.Ed (Yoga), M.Ed (Yoga). Over 10 years of experience as a graduate level Yoga instructor and Ms. Anupma Kaushal , B.Ed (Yoga), M.Ed (Yoga). Over·8 years of experience as a graduate level Yoga instructor.

Yoga gurus who have an important impact on Rumyana & Tsvetomir's yoga development thorugh written books, lectures and yoga classes are : Ventseslav Evtimov, B.K.S.Iyengar, Dateshvara Dev, Filippo Nannucci (Italy), Amadio Bianchi, Mimoun, Emy Blesio etc.